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AAEE consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 : 2008 , ISO 9001 : 2015 and 10002 : 2014 certified company. This company provides Engineering Consultancy in various fields of Civil Engineering. We study the feasibility of projects, Survery, Planning, Soil testing and insvestigation details and drawings of different civil engineering structures. Company has expertise in Irrigation, Drainage and Flood management projects.

Our Services

Project Related Civil Engineering

Drainage & Maps Flood Management
Formulation of DPR
All type of survey
Soil Testing & Investigation in field & lab
Master Planning
Architectural Design
Building & Structural Design
Interior Design and Execution
Sustainable and Green Building Design
Evaluation of Projects & Properties
All types of field survey by total machine, DGSP and level machines as per requirement.
Capacity survey & designing of reservoirs and tanks.
Providing services for development of wet land, methods of recharging spring levels of grounds, rain water harvesting, treatment of sewage water by different plants and technology.
Services for providing of life of tubewells, quantity & quality of water.
Services for designing structures on canals, rivers & drains.
Services to divert out flanked rivers in their original course.

Irrigation Projects

We are expert in Planning, investigating, designing & estimating all water related project & structures. Our team have vast experience of canal related works like gravity canals, lift canals, drains, river training work & flood management. We are expertise in making DPR of all project related to irrigation and flood schemes. We have expertise of consulting services for Topographical survey covers. Capturing of Topographical features spot levels contours details strata, Soil condition, field and laboratory tests required for the structures, proposed.

Design and Detail Engineering

Planning, Designing and detail engineering for architectural, civil, interiors, structural, water supply and plumbing works, sewerage, rain water harvesting, electrical works and land scaping.

Details, designs and drawings of big structures related to canals, drains and rivers . We are also expert in designing and making big building structures like hotel, hospitals, collages, offices and all type of buildings.

Consultancy services are also provided for project approvals, clearance from Planning Department of State Government & Central Water Commission and other required levels, being our maximum key personals were senior government officials in U.P. Government. So we are well known for the problems & their solutions.

Architectural Consultancy

We provide international quality architecture. We have good experience of town planning and all type of architectural design.


We have extensive experience in designing high quality buildings. Our architectural designs are contemporary and suit the palette of the client. We believe that architecture is the means by which spaces can be created which will involve people and society and bring about a change for the better. A well designed space always appeals to the user and keeps him happy and contented which in turn develops into a positive community. We strive to ensure that our buildings are also sustainable in nature so that energy consumption is optimum.

Interior Design

Every individual has his own comfort zone within which he performs to his potential. At AA EE, we attempt to identify our works with the client and are able to produce the bestpossible solution. No two persons are the same and hence no two of our designs are similar. Our designs are vibrant with a myriad of colour and materials so that the users are always comfortable within those spaces.

We also have a technical team of qualified personnel who execute our interior designs and are able to provide services across India.