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About Us

AAEE is multi-disciplinary design and engineering company setup in lucknow with the intention to provide world class service customized to all requirements.We offer exemplary service in civil engineering, master planning, architecture, interior design and excecution, project formulation, project evelation and sustainble/green building design AA EE consultancy is committed to provide the best and unique solution for every client's design needs.


A-One Test-House , Nishatganj, Lucknow.

Awadh Foundation, Alam Nagar, Lucknow.

Our Test Houses are well equipped laboratories having all instruments and appartus for laboratory and field tests required for the construction of all types of structures.


ISHWAR ENTERPRISES, are our main surveyors. they have expert team of surveyors . It is established in April 2013 with a view to provide professional services in the field of Surveying and Mapping. During this period, with the help of their experts team, they have sucessfully completed many projects in various sectors such as U.P.JAL NIGAM (Rural water supply scheme in different Districts ie. GONDA, BAHARICH, BALRAMPUR, 1st Division & 10th Division GORAKHPUR, MIRZAPUR, ALLAHABAD, UNNAO, LAKHIMPUR KHERI, LUCKNOW, PILIBHIT, SITAPUR, VARANASI, SHRAVASTI, FATEHPUR, BARABANKI) GEOREFRERENCED MAP OF ROADS ect.